Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lexington Man Poses For 1000 Mug Shots

He's hit another a milestone. A Lexington man, famous for how many times he's been arrested, took his 1,000th trip to jail.
Police arrested Henry Earl for alcohol intoxication, a charge he's faced hundreds of times before. Earl is a pseudo-celebrity because of his extensive record. He's been featured on late night talk shows and has several websites dedicated to tracking his arrest record. Earl's 1,000th arrest happened late Monday night on South Limestone. He'll be in court Tuesday afternoon to answer to this latest charge. If you're wondering what 1,000 arrests equals, here's a look at Henry Earl's history.
In all, he's spent 4,123 days in jail. 35 of his 1000 arrests have been this year alone, landing him behind bars 189 days in 2008.
On average, Earl is out of jail about two days before he lands back behind bars, although this time he was out for four days before his latest arrest.


twest said...

Looks like the Wedding Singer you posted awhile back

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Ah man, ANYbody can be a celebrity these days . . .