Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Thanks To Justin And Also Justin TV We Were Able To Watch KY Basketball

Lyndsey, Andrew (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW!) Mary & I were able to watch Justin's TV in Chas SC thanks to our web cams. After finishing a wonderful birthday dinner prepared by Mary, we fired up our web cams and settled in to watch KY basketball. It worked but half way through the first half we found a more solid stream through Justin.TV and went that route. I still can't believe we live this far south and our cable company doesn't offer Fox Sports South. Anyway, the Cats destroyed Campbellsville, KY 74-38 in an exhibition game. This team has a ton of weapons. It will be a fun season.


J Dub said...

The volume was so loud at our house. :-)

Happy Birthday Andrew!

twest said...

That's a wild hookup, glad you can pull it off! Campbellsville? What's next - Pikeville?! Jes kiddin - I think UK looks good at #4, a good spot to be in pre-season.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

You techie nerds, you.

kacey leigh said...

i almost forgot that i promised to comment : )

enjoying games "with" y'all is always more fun!