Friday, February 06, 2009

Endorsements = $$

Michael Phelps won't be getting the munchies for Corn Flakes anytime soon. Kelloggs has pulled out of their relationship with the great but not so smart swimmer after the bong photo surfaced. I noticed during the Olympics his eyes were red before he jumped in the pool. And what about all that screaming he did? I thought he was just over the top but now I know he was juiced up. I'm surprised he was able to stay in his own lane. Most of his major sponsors, such as Visa, Speedo, luxury Swiss watchmaker Omega and sports beverage PureSport's, have stood by Phelps. I think I will still eat an occasional bowl of Corn Flakes but I'm definitely getting rid of my Visa card that I used to buy my Speedo. I don't wear a watch anymore so I'm not worried about that and I don't have a clue what the beverage PureSports is. Maybe they should call it Not So PureSports. Speaking of endorsements; what are the possibilities now for US Airline pilot - Sully? Mercury Boats? Bird food? Butterball turkeys? How about the drug company manufacturing Calm-X?


Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Since Phelps said, "I'm sorry", then everything's okay.

twest said...

I'm lovin some of these role models nowadays. Between the 'roids, hgh, pot, philandering, firearms.... What happened to the good ol days of the alcoholic ballplayers (Mantle, Ruth,..)