Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cats In Deep Doo-Doo After Third Straight Loss

Big Blue Nation is in an uproar. Something has gone very very wrong with this team. Billy is losing fan support very quickly. The message boards were in a meltdown last night after KY's at home loss to Miss State. The locker room was in a meltdown too. The Cats Pause writes: "Moments after Kentucky lost its third straight game, a convincing 66-57 victory by Mississippi State on Tuesday, the Cats locker room erupted. “We just had a huge confrontation in the back right after the game was over,” sophomore Patrick Patterson said. “No one was scared to say what they felt like needed to be said." And they went on to say Billy just stood back and let the players go at it. My opinion - the Bobby Knight type head games Billy has played with his players all year has come back to bite him. This team is either headed horribly south or they will make an about face. I have never seen a KY team as confused as this one. This is not fun to watch.


J Dub said...

The losing isn't the worst part. The thing that's hard to take is the way they're losing. They're getting outhustled. They're not playing defense. It seems like they're sleepwalking through the games. And there are little to no adjustments from the head coach throughout all this.

Obviously, teams have figured out how UK plays. Go to Meeks, go to Patterson, and...that's it. You shut those two guys down, and you beat Kentucky. And we're acting like that plan is still going to work.

I can't remember a dumber basketball team. From the turnovers to the lack of adjustments, this team is not intelligent.

Billy's mantra is "Play hard, play smart, play together." Is that happening here? Nope, nope, and nope. He better start earning those millions of dollars he gets each year to have the position he has, and at least have this team playing to represent what Kentucky basketball is all about. Right now they're not even close.

Should be an interesting week until the next game. Against Florida.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

On January 25, everyone was on Meeks high talking about how the Cats should be in the top 25 (which they were). Life was grand and Kentucky was on a roll. What happened? Obviously what happened was 3 losses in a row, but what happened to the team and their fan base? I don't think it's anything a little therapy can't fix. Like WINNING.

Mike West said...

Everybody's asking what happened. I think Justin is right about keying on Meeks but it's easy to see they are not playing with the necessary intensity either and that's what drives the fans crazy. If you have never rooted for a team with a history as rich as KY's, it's hard to explain the passion of the fans. We have witnessed multiple national championships and recognize hard-working talent when we see it. We see the talent (perhaps not championship caliber yet)but we're not seeing the effort or the necessary coaching moves to make up for a lack of talent. What makes it even more frustrating is that we "have" seen it out of this bunch - just not in the last 4 games really. We barely got by Auburn.

twest said...

That game wasn't televised here but I did see them lose to Miss State in an away game. After a couple of great performances they quit playing as a team - from my humble perspective. Billy G needs to take a cue from Billy D when the Gators had a number of embarrassing games - the team cleaned out their lockers and moved to some high school gym to practice and weren't allowed back except for games. Nor were they allowed to wear any Gator logos, etc - anytime - especially on campus. I think it's more than appropriate - if not more so - for Kentucky to do the same. If you're not gonna play like Ky - then you don't belong in Rupp Arena.

What say you guys?

Mike West said...

It's hard for us to agree with anything Billy D. does but I say if that would get the Cats back on track, I'm all for it.

mike brunjes said...

awesome! Just what Florida needs, to play another road game in hostile environment against a talented team whose back is up against the wall. UF could only get luckier if game day came to Lexington to work the crowd into a frenzy before the game!

I don' t think it should be hard for you to agree with Billy D. Uk tried to steal him while the Gators were in the middle of their run to a second of back to back national titles! It sure seemed then you guys really like what he was doing.

Mike West said...

Billy D. rejected us - that's why we can't like him. :)