Thursday, January 22, 2009

COPS - Wall Street & Washington

It would be kind of like the "Cops" show we all love to watch because it makes us feel better about ourselves. The show would take place on Wall Street and in Washington instead of trailer parks and urban areas. The first episode could feature Bank of America’s acquisition of Merrill Lynch “A Deal from Hell.” It could feature Former Merrill CEO John Thain who furnished his office with an $87,000 rug, arranged $25 million goodbye packages for his own hires, and handed out billions of dollars in last-minute bonuses to his staff before the acquisition closed. Bank of America's stock was at a 52-week low of $5.50 recently. BofA’s low trading price represents a complete wipe out of Merrill Lynch’s $17 trading price before the deal and the $29 price at which Merrill was acquired. Yep...BOA bought Merrill Lynch with our tax dollars. I think the series has potential. It would be like "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" meets "COPS." Finding content for the show shouldn't be a problem but it could be because they are really really slick on Wall Street and in Washington. Rich too.

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Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha goin' do when they come for you?