Sunday, June 08, 2008

Somebody's Going To Get Hurt

The Bluegrass has some of the most beautiful scenic roads in the country. We drove down to the Ky River this morning and watched cars cross the river on the VALLEY VIEW FERRY. On the way back we had to wait on a bicyclist on quite a few dangerous curves and then pulled around him when we felt it was safe. Should the bicyclist's right to "enjoyment" on the roads take precedence over the safety of motorists? I think that many of the roads around here should be off limits to bicyclists. We encounter them almost every time we are out for a drive on the back roads and it drives me crazy. Somebody's going to hurt; I just hope it's not us.


Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Some of those narrow winding roads are scary just to drive on. A bicyclist in the wrong spot on some of those curves has a great chance of becoming road kill. I think what you need is a trucker's air horn.

EJ said...

I think that cyclists shouldn't get to go on those back country roads unless they are in a huge pack and are led and followed by cars. Solo riding is way too dangerous for both the motorists and cyclists.