Friday, May 02, 2014

Derby Picks - 2014

Here's the random order in which the names were drawn along with the horse/horses picked. The first 3 names drawn out (Me, Mary and Clay) get 2 picks. I know what you're thinking, but I swear it was a random draw witnessed by Mimi.
And here are the ODDS.

Mike - Wildcat Red and Vinceremos
Mary - Uncle Sigh and Medal Count
Clay - Chiti and Danza
Abby - California Chrome
Rick - Dance with Fate
Levi - Candy Boy
Debbie - Wicked Strong
Luke - Samraat
Jack - Vicars in Trouble
Kate - Harry's Holiday
Ted - We Miss Artie (He didn't opt in - I just put him in)
Justin - Commanding Curve
Andrew - General A Rod
Lyndsey - Ride on Curlin
Kacey - Tapiture
Kay - Intense Holiday

Good luck!

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