Sunday, May 04, 2014

Abby Wins! A Great Sports Story

And the winner in the 2014 West Family Derby Sweepstakes is...
And it's her very first Derby! Justin finished in second with Commanding Curve and Clay finished third with Danza. Final Results

This is a great sports story.  California Chrome's owners, Steve Coburn and Perry Martin, are no Kentucky blue bloods. They're a couple of working stiffs who live near Reno, Nevada.
A trainer called them "dumb asses" for getting into the racing game, inspiring the duo to put the letters DAP on their silks, which stands for Dumb Ass Partners.
"We're going to go down in history," Coburn predicted.


J Dub said...

She even overcame the added challenge of the home team owners getting two picks each for the Derby. Couldn't be more proud! Great job baby girl!

Mike West said...

We were very surprised in how the drawings came out too but we had to go with it in order to maintain the integrity of the process. Great job Abby!

Lyndsey Cornell said...

Way to go Abby!

Uncle Rick said...

Congrats to Miss Abby!!