Thursday, December 09, 2010

Can Young Very Talented Defeat Old Semi-Talented?

This photo does a great job of depicting UK's effort last night. They out rebounded the nation's #12 rebounding team.

If anyone wanted to play a drinking a game and take a swig every time time Jimmy Dykes said the word "young" they probably would have passed out before the first half ended last night. This young 17th ranked KY team was in a position to beat UNC in the final minute on their home court on Saturday. We just needed one more shot to fall. Then last night this young talented KY team took down 23rd ranked Notre Dame (5 seniors start) on a "neutral" court in Freedom Hall in Louisville that just happened to be filled with over 17,000 UK fans. Yes - UK owns the city of Louisville too despite another team there coached by little Ricky Pitino. Up next - the INDIANA HOOSIERS roll into Rupp for a 5:15 game on ESPN. Have I mentioned I like this team?

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