Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Absolute Brilliant Business Idea!

Form a foundation - figure out how to work the federal system - and tie it in to a healthy cause. Brilliant! This guy came up with one of the most brilliant ideas I have seen. He figured out how to tap into the food stamp system (1 in 8 Americans) and then ties the whole foundation into "healthy eating in poor neighborhoods." (Where the food stamps are) LEARN MORE


Brodad Unkabuddy said...

I'm not sure I get this. Basically, what he's doing is providing addition money to farmers markets in order to increase the value of food stamps in very poor areas - is that correct? So if you want more bang for your food stamp, you shop the farmers markets tied into this foundation? Does this increase or decrease the recipients' dependence on the government (us)?

Mike West said...

First off he was smart enough to tap into the rapidly growing food stamp system. 1 in 8 Americans! He convinced the government to set his foundation up as a recipient of food stamps by supplying healthy foods in poor neighborhoods. Since they are buying healthy, they supposedly get twice the amount of food than they normally would. It appears he gets a kickback from the govt for supplying the healthy food.

I'm not saying he has done anything wrong at all. I just think it's a brilliant idea which capitalizes on the obesity craze, the govt's focus on inner city neighborhoods and takes advantage of government subsidies. I say it increases the recipient's dependence. Any govt program is designed that way. I bet this guy becomes very wealthy if he isn't already.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Food stamps - America's new growth industry! Who'd thunk it?! I think what I would like to do is buy unemployment checks for 10% more than what they're worth and then loan them back their money with no credit check at 20%. What d'ya think?