Sunday, January 31, 2010

KY Gets Back On Track - Defeats Vandy 85-72

Lebron James does "the Y" at the game.

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twest said...

A good game for the Cats. Glad to see em grab a lead and hold on to it. I found it interesting Barry showed up at Duke-Georgetown game, sat in with announcers for a little color commentary (was that a non-PC statement?) I actually thought he did a good job and seemed to enjoy himself, but my main point is his staffer Reggie Love played for Duke, and Duke got hammered. The Obama jinx is still in effect. If you have money on the Colts next week better grab it back - when he was in Tampa he gave a shout out to Tony Dungy and what a great job he did with the Bucs and Colts. Kiss of death. Or at least Loser.