Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Evening in O'Connell Arena - 17-0 Baby!

Tuesday night was fun as I got an up close first hand look at Gator basketball. Obvious differences between Gator basketball and KY basketball:
1. Much smaller arena
2. Gator basketball fans get down on their team very quickly. KY fans stand yelling "defense" or they're up encouraging the team when they fall behind. FL fans only get excited when it gets close or they get the lead. As soon as they fall behind, the fans start pouting.
3. FL's student section loves shouting vulgarities! Thank God I did not have a small child anywhere near it.
4. There only seems to be 2 or 3 cheers that the fans know and all of them have the gator chomp in them; pretty monotonous.

I had a great time! The food in the media room was decent and it was fun watching Dick Vitale, Erin Andrews and ESPN do their thing. Great road win in the SEC for the Cats!


twest said...

Looked for ya on the TV pans but didn't pick you up. I thought it would be a blowout by KY but once the Gators started hitting 3s they made it a game. They had no shots inside against those huge KY forwards - there was some serious ball batting going on.

Dick V is a truely great guy. He lives here in Bradenton and is quite an asset. I've met him on a couple of photo jobs and he is really like he is on TV. In the off season he frequents some coffee shops and hangs out with the locals - because his wife says "he has to talk". He tried to anonymously pick up the funeral costs last year of a slain cheerleader but was revealed. Good guy.

One thing that annoyed me was how the announcers kept mentioning how Billy D has lost so many players to the NBA, as if it were an excuse for the Gators performance the last couple years. That's part of the college game nowadays

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Thought I saw you once. Where were you relative to the scorer's table? Great win for the Cats! Bledsoe was hot as a pistol and Wall showed what he could do. I was impressed with the way KY was blocking shots. That had to be very discouraging for FL. Couldn't help but notice the FL fans filing out with 3:30 to go. I think KY demonstrated a strong case for #1. I'm just wondering who on the KY team the NBA won't draft for next year. This is definitely the year for Kentucky to "git 'er done!". You'll have to hang your Dick V. photo next to your Bobby K. photo.

Mike West said...

I was sitting across the court from Coach Cal

J Dub said...

I'm surprised you took that pic with Dickie V after the way he talked about UK fans when Tubby left.

I do like the picture though. He's definitely back on the UK bandwagon.

Mike West said...

yeah, I had a talk with him about that and he apologized... :)