Monday, September 21, 2009

Urban Is Concerned......

The 2009 Florida football team garnered pre-season hype as one of the best of the modern era. And while Urban Meyer's squad has preserved its No. 1 ranking with a 3-0 start, the Gators might not have as much bite when they face Kentucky at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday.STORY


J Dub said...

I saw that...we'll take any help we can get. I thought this quote from Meyer was odd, though:

"I would say this, it is a panic level of proportions I've never seen before. That's coming from me,"

I don't see any way it doesn't get ugly on Saturday, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Urban said there's a good chance that Deonte Thompson is going to play Saturday, and Brandon Spikes is definitely in. I'm not too worried about it though...the Gator bench goes pretty deep with talent.

Urban had some nice things to say about Kentucky..
When he arrived at Florida, Meyer saw a much different Kentucky team than the one he will face Saturday. “They were bad,” Meyer said, but since then the Wildcats have improved tremendously. Kentucky has gone to three consecutive bowls and Meyer says the Wildcats are “in the upper third of the SEC as far as talent and that’s across the board.”

The turnaround has been orchestrated by Rich Brooks, who has done what Meyer called “one of the great coaching jobs in America” to turn Kentucky around. Brooks can become the first coach in Kentucky history to take a team to four straight bowl games if he can get the Wildcats to the postseason this year.

The Wildcats are second nationally in kickoff returns and they are exceptional running bubble and middle screens with Randall Cobb.

Defensively, Meyer said Kentucky has good personnel and plays outstanding defense.

mike brunjes said...

the swine flu is about the only thing that can help UK on saturday.

Mike West said...

Nice job with the homework April. It should be fun watching the game with the Brunjes. The Brunjes gang is coming over to our house correct?

twest said...

I think the Gators really miss Percy Harvin (although Brett Favre & Vikings are enjoying his company). That was a major weapon last year and doesn't seem to be there this year - Tebow can't carry the load again. If KY's defense can hold up could be a good game