Sunday, September 27, 2009

FL Throws Up On KY

KY embarrassed its fans on national television Saturday losing to Florida 41-7. Florida fan from the womb Mike Brunjes was quoted as saying "I was nervous before this game. The last time we went somewhere else to watch the gators play, we lost." KY web-cam fan Justin West could not be heard over the screaming Brunjes but was obviously disappointed in how the Cats played. All in all, the first Brunjes/West KY vs Florida party was a big success. January 12th is the date to circle on your calendar for the next party. The Wests will go on the road for that one to watch KY take down the gators in basketball, on the Brunjes' home court.


J Dub said...

I was yelling during the first half of the first quarter. After that, I pretty much resigned myself to embarrassment.

I guess I cheered too long when Tebow was hit. I'm still glad he got nailed though. It was about time.

I think the basketball team is going to more than make up for this. Twice.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Great post. See you for basketball season. Nimrod and Kenny Boynton are gonna be awesome! Trust me. haha. Go Gators!

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

After "The Hit", I thought Tebow was dead. Scary stuff.