Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That Was Embarrasing

Having a flaming liberal for a President is embarrassing enough but having one who throws a baseball like a girl who can't throw, is REALLY embarrassing. Sounded like quite a few boos too and what is with the heavy jacket in 90 degree weather? Did you notice how the cameramen from Fox had been instructed to not show where the pitch landed? That's because it bounced.


J Dub said...

"You throw like a girl" was the ultimate insult in the movie The Sandlot. It was definitely true here.

I hadn't seen this view of it. The replays they were showing on ESPN were from behind the mound, and Pujols had to make an effort to keep the ball from hitting the ground. It was NOTHING like W's perfect strike after 9/11.

And I love his "Mom jeans," as they referred to it on Around the Horn today.

twest said...

Very wimpy throw. The Sox jacket covered the bullet-proof vest which limited his throwing ability - that was the excuse. Not buying it.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

That strike Bush threw after 9/11 was something this country needed. How a man throws a ball says a lot about the man and our country needed a MAN leading this country back. A President who throws like a girl is not what we need now. Having said that, Debbie and I have been playing catch and pepper to prepare for a coed softball game coming up, and I managed to throw a couple into the weeds. If I were to stand on a mound in front of millions of people and throw a baseball 90', I don't think I'd be surprised if it ended up in a dugout. By the way, Debbie throws like Bush.