Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baseball Has Left Me Behind

I can remember the day when I actually used to look forward to the All Star game on TV every year. Major League Baseball began to lose me when the whole free agency thing started back in the 70's. Growing up, I used to know all the players on the St. Louis Cardinal roster. I follow the Reds a bit now, but can barely name anyone on the team. I check the standings occasionally and that's about it. MLB lost me for many years after the 1994 strike and now the whole steroid thing just won't go away. The summer months have always been slow for me when it comes to sports coverage but now that baseball has left me behind, the summer months is just a time to gear up for football. I watched "First Time Buyers" on HGTV last night instead of the All Star game. That either says a lot about how I've changed or how baseball has changed.


twest said...

I missed the game too. Joe Maddon was the Mgr and 4 or 5 Rays were on it. Carl Crawford was MVP (I saw on ESPN crawl). I didn't intentionally miss it - just forgot - which says a lot about MLB.

Went to a Rays game a couple weeks ago against Marlins - very nice in a dome. I was one of those guys that harped it ain't baseball if it's not outside. But sitting outside in Fla in July is not baseball - it's misery

J Dub said...

I forgot it was on too until about the 8th inning.

But I was busy watching Deadliest Catch, so I would have watched that even if I remembered the game.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

I can't remember the last time I watched the Allstar game. Apparently the American League rules. I guess it does have some effect on the World Series, but I just never found it fun to watch.