Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Something Big Is Developing At UK!

This is an incredible roster! And we still may sign John Wall, the best point guard in the country. This recruiting class is already being labeled as the top class in the country and if we land Wall - it will be the best class in NCAA history. Next season will be a lot of fun. Nice work Coach Calipari! In the six weeks he's been here he has signed Cousins, Bledsoe, Dodson and convinced Hood and Orton to stay committed after Gillispie hit the dusty trail. Go Cats!


J Dub said...

I don't know how the scholarships are going to work out, but that's why they pay Cal the big bucks. It's a great problem to have.

Is it November yet?

EJ said...

The scholarship situation is crazy! I would be scared out of my mind being one of the returning players...well except for Meeks, Patterson, and Miller!

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Heck, those guys could walk on and make up the difference big time by going pro after two years.

Anonymous said...

John Wall is a thug. He was just arrested for breaking and entering. I don't know why kids with so much potential and talent make such stupid decisions.

J Dub said...

You do know Florida is (was) also recruiting John Wall, right? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Did you read anything about the charge? It was an abandoned, foreclosed house, and he was with a few of his friends. Nothing was taken from the house. There were no signs of a forced entry. He was also not arrested...simply given a citation. It's likely that nothing will come of it.

Sounds like a stupid decision a young kid would make...don't be so quick to throw the "thug" label around.

I'm sorry that we already took one of your point guard recruits (Bledsoe), and you may lose another (Calathes), and that Calipari just may be able to convince the top-ranked player (Wall) to come along with the 3rd-ranked point guard (Bledsoe).

Florida had a nice little run in basketball. Like I said a couple years ago, in the SEC it always comes back around to UK. At least you still have football.

Anonymous said...

Ya I know that Florida is recruiting John Wall. That's where I found out about his "Citation."

You can brag about recruiting all you want, but UK still sucks. They played in the NIT. Until your recruits start producing results, I wouldn't brag. They're still a pretty sorry team, and have been for about a decade.

Mike West said...

Don't make me come to Florida!

Anonymous said...


Lyndsey said...

Goodness gracious. So much hostility. I just can't wait to watch those recruits produce some results! You should put the Daniel Orton video back up.

J Dub said...

Gregg Doyel's thoughts on John Wall:

First of all, the easy issue. John Wall. This thing is a piece of cake, but not the piece you've been eating up. Maybe time will tell that Wall is an immature or even a bad kid, but this bogus "breaking and entering" charge doesn't tell anything about him. It tells much more about the Raleigh Police Department, which went for easy headlines when it trumped up ludicrous charges against Wall, a 6-foot-4 guard who could very well be the next Derrick Rose.

Seriously. Breaking and entering? When we think of breaking and entering, we instinctively think of something a lot more sinister than being inside an empty house. Yet that's all Wall is said to be "guilty" of. Hanging out inside an empty house. And not a shady crack den or an abandoned house headed for a date with a bulldozer.

It was a normal house on a normal street. According to police, Wall didn't force his way into the foreclosed house or take anything while he was there. He was just inside an empty house. Is that wrong? Sure it is. Is it so wrong that it's criminal? Lord I hope not, or I'm a criminal, too. Growing up in Mississippi, I ventured into a handful of empty houses. Why? Because that's what kids do. They might even make out with a girlfriend or drink a beer in there. Shocking, I know.

So understand this: The school that signs Wall, whether it's Kentucky or Duke or whoever else, is doing nothing wrong. Because Wall, in the grand scheme of things, has done nothing wrong. I have two sons, 13 and 11, and if by college the worst thing they've done is be spotted leaving an empty house ... give me a standing ovation. Because I will have done one hell of a job as a parent.

When Wall chooses a school beside yours, you'll rip him and the school that takes him. And you know you will. But if he'd ended up on your team you'd have loved him, and your coach for landing him. And you know that as well. So back off the kid, and the school that gets him.

See? Simple.

Anonymous said...

Nice treatise on John Wall...informative and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I don't remember you being as lenient in your interpretation of the law when Joakim Noah got caught with a dimebag of weed.

It's funny how that works, isn't it? What's the party line for flagrant foul Rondo? Was he having a bad day or did he just accidentally punch a guy in the face and throw someone into the scorer's table?

J Dub said...

I honestly don't even remember Noah getting caught with weed. Doesn't surprise me, but I don't remember it.

And I didn't see Rondo's fouls. I assume you're trying to say he's a dirty player, which would be news to me.

I'm not sure what that has to do with John Wall.

mike brunjes said...

Justin let me explain something to you.

If Wall chooses Florida he is a young kind with great potential that made a stupid mistake and deserves a shot at proving who he truly is. In Donavan's system he will learn a team first attitude and be a great success story.

If Wall chooses UK he is a typical thug that Cal would recruit, and just goes to the show the "win at all cost" attitude of the spoiled UK fan base.

If Wall chooses Miami he is satan himself.

I hope this clears things up :)

Mike West said...

I agree with Mike about Wall going to Miami. I love this quote from a long time Bulls fan about Noah. "My two most hated collegiate athletes over the last few years, Jeff Samardzija and Joakim Noah, end up with the Cubs and Bulls respectively. Well, I'm not amused. I mean just look at Noah. He's Marcus Camby + Homey the Clown + Carrot Top."

mike Brunjes said...

plus the emotional leader of the team who leaves his guts on the floor every game.