Friday, May 08, 2009

Next Bailout - Newspapers? Sure Makes Political Sense

Below is a good read from Eric Rhoades - publisher of the trade magazine and website - RADIO INK . I have been doing some work for Radio INK recently.
Newspapers are dying because they have become irrelevant to a generation who no longer wants to wait for their news when they can get it by twitter within seconds of it happening. Warren Buffet recently said that if someone were to suggest the invention of newspapers today people would laugh at the business model. Write the news, cut down millions or trees for paper, build massive printing plants to print it overnight, have a distribution model which pays people fold and bag hundreds of papers, and burn thousands of gallons of gas to go house to house and then to throw it out of their car window at every house so that people could walk out into the cold or rain in order to read news that was 12-24 hours old. Or they could just turn on their full page Kindle DX reader, launched today, or look on their iphone or laptop and use their Google reader to have customized news to their liking about any subject in the world. STORY

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Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Believe it will happen. At least the ones who are "too big to fail".