Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pope In The Box

my FAQ
Was it built that tall in the back to accommodate his tall hat? If so, why is he not wearing his hat?
Is there an air bag in the back?
Is there a safety belt in the back? If he doesn't fasten it can he be issued a citation?
Can someone sit next to the pope?
With it's poor aerodynamic design, does it meet Al Gore's green print requirements?
Why did they not put a windshield wiper on the front part of the pope box for rainy days?
Is there a defroster on the pope box's front window?
If he serves himself communion in the box, could he be arrested under the open container law?
If the pope were to gain 50 lbs or more, would the pope-mobile tip over backwards?
How does it rate in SUV rollover safety tests?
Can he put a window down in the box and shoot back if he needs to?
Is there a radio back there? A DVD?
Can he crawl through the back and into the front seat if he wants to?
Does his chair spin all the way around like a bar stool?
Can he speak through a loud speaker so he could do a mass on the move if he wanted?
What does he read in the box when he gets bored?
Does it have seat warmers built into the leather seats like other Mercedes?
Can just anyone order a pope-mobile for their own personal use?
Does he ever get car sick?


twest said...

I know some boys down here that may be interested in that vehicle - they currently use a really jacked up Ford or Chevy pick-up with a couple chairs (or small couch) in the bed. They use it for wild hog hunting. Of course that bullet-proof glass could pose a problem getting your shot off...

EJ said...


hilarious post!

Lyndsey said...

Ha, that's awesome!

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

This is one of the funniest posts I have ever read.