Friday, May 06, 2016

Order of Picks and Horses Drawn

The names were drawn randomly to determine the order the of the picks. 

Below is the order of the picks along with your horses and here are are the ODDS. Good Luck! TV coverage begins at 4pm Saturday on NBC. Post time for the Derby - approx 6:30pm.  The weather should be perfect. 75 and sunny. 

Debbie - My Man Sam
Rick - Mor Spirit
Gabe - Outwork
Justin Danzing Candy
Lyndsey - Mo Tom
Mary - Nyquist
Anna - Creator
Jack - Lani
Levi - Oscar Nominated
Kay - Whitmore
Mike - Gun Runner
Clay - Tom's Ready
Luke - Exaggerator
Kate - Majesto
Andrew - Trojan Nation
Mama Donna - Shagaf
Kacey - Moyhaymen
Ted - Destin
Raegan Durfee - Suddenbreakingnews
Abby - Brody's Cause

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