Friday, May 04, 2012

The Picks - Derby 2012 - Post Time 6:24est on NBC

The Picks:
Rick - Daddy Long Legs and Creative Cause
Mike - Union Rags and Bodemeiser
Lyndsey - Liaison and Take Charge Indy
Kate - Optimizer and Dullahan
Debbie - Gemologist and Perspective
Jack - Sabercat and Rousing Sermon
Luke - El Padrino
Andrew - I'll Have Another
Levi - Alpha
Mary - Done Talking
Kacey - Daddy Nose Best
Justin - Went The Day Well
Clay - Trinniberg
Ted - Hansen


J Dub said...

Post time is 5:24 CDT.

And boy, the Cornells made out well.

kaceyleigh said...

Something's fishy about this...
You expect me to believe that you just happened to draw the same 2 horses that Cal is betting on. I don't buy it...

J Dub said...

Could Andrew win more family challenges?