Friday, March 11, 2011

The Party Is Over

I have been in radio for 21 years and worked for an NPR funded station for 3.5 years. I have never understood the need for taxpayer dollars to go toward the funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting of which NPR falls under. The private sector can handle all the broadcasting needs of the public just fine. $422 million dollars goes to CPB - $93 million of it goes to NPR. The supporters will say "it's just a drop in the bucket." I for one, add up all the unnecessary "drops in the buckets" which when added together, equal buckets overflowing with waste. If your programming is good enough, the public will support it without the government's help. It's time we let CPB and NPR make it on their own, if they can.

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twest said...

I agree totally. I kind of understand when some version of NPR was started way back in the radio days to get news and info to the public and even in early TV when there were only a few networks. But now there is absolutely no need with the hundreds of cable channels,and the few shows I might watch could easily be picked up by HGTV, Food Network, etc.

I would miss Lawrence Welk, though....