Saturday, June 05, 2010

Driving By The BP Station

We have been buying BP gas for quite some time. Why? In Palm City, they have the best prices when you use their BP card. We pay the card off every month and save around 5 cents a gallon compared to the other local stations each time we fill up. Do we stop buying BP gas because of their inability to contain the oil spill? Part of me says yes, part of me says it's the owner of the station who suffers the most and he's a totally innocent small business owner trying to make ends meet.
From an article on the topic
Some local BP gas retailers fear that the backlash is just beginning, and they want everyone to know that it's not their fault.

"We feel as bad about the environment as anybody," says Marc Jones, owner of Syene Depot in Fitchburg, which carries BP gas.

Like all BP gas retailers, Jones has a supply contract with the company. He is only five years into a 12-year contract, so he's stuck with the BP sign in front of his gas station for another seven years. He's concerned that any boycott would punish him and his 10 employees, as well as other retailers, for something over which he has no control.

"A boycott on any local business first affects the local businessman, then it affects the employees" he says. "And they're your friends and neighbors."

Point taken.....


J Dub said...

It kinda makes me want to go fill up at BP, to help balance out the backlash.

But then again, it's more dollars in the pockets of that arrogant CEO.

At least the big banks got bailed out for being even more at fault than BP. You know that no cash will be going BP's way.

twest said...

Done with 'em. Threw them into same basket with Citgo. I find their latest commercials offensive - hundreds of boats and thousands of volunteers cleaning up...they haven't done squat and the innumerable violations by BP are incredible.

And now Obama is using this to promote cap & trade, give me a break!

Lyndsey said...

That's a really good point dad... didn't think about it that way.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

If we based boycotts on major screw ups that adversely affect millions of people, offensive ads, and arrogant leaders, then I suppose we should stop paying our taxes. :)