Monday, March 15, 2010

Bobby Knight - One Strange Dude

Won’t Bob Knight even say the word Kentucky?
Published March 14 from John Clay - Lex Herald Leader
You might find this interesting. A couple of weeks ago my wife and I were watching Kansas playing somebody. The TV broadcast crew was Bob Knight and Brent Mussberger. During the broadcast and usually during time-outs, they would do promos about upcoming games. They did a couple that day with UK and an upcoming opponent. After the last promo involving UK, my wife said something to the effect: Did you notice that neither Bob Knight or nor Brent Mussberger ever said the word “Kentucky”.They would dance around it by referring to that first place team in the SEC or something to that effect but, they would not say the word “Kentucky”. Well,we just watched Kansas beat Kansas State and the game was broadcast by Bob Knight and Brent Mussberger. Guess what? They did it again! At no time did they say the word “Kentucky” during a promo. They would say Georgia Tech vs. Duke and Mississippi State vs. the regular season SEC winner but, they would never say “Kentucky”. Think maybe Bob Knight had something to do with that? Our only explanation was that they must suffer from “Wildcat Phobia”. It was kinda funny, really.


twest said...

Interesting. I saw Knight on ESPN following the bracket announcements Sunday and he was as sour and foul as ever

mike brunjes said...

I knew I liked that guy.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Ahh. . ., sorry to bother you, Coach. (hee,hee)

Mike West said...

My personal encounter with Knight was weird. I'm glad I got a photo with him though.