Sunday, December 06, 2009

Thank You Coach! We're Back!

I haven't yelled like I did yesterday for years. A happy yell. I danced in the living room and punched the air. I high-fived Lyndsey, Andrew & Mary and Justin & Kacey through a web cam. KY beat the snot out of NC in the first half and hung on to win in the second half. Thank you Coach Cal! I didn't expect this much this quick, but there's no denying; KY is back and it feels good. Rupp Arena was rocking;especially after this John Wall dunk. KY 68 - NC - 66.


J Dub said...

It's fun again! It feels like a run like in the '90s is soon to come. This team is definitely young, and they play like it, but they're going to get much, much better this season.

Kentucky basketball is once again where it should be.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

You, yelling during a KY basketball game? Imagine that. Congrats to the Cats!