Sunday, June 21, 2009

Twitter Loses Money

In the last week, I have tuned in to Fox News and CNN Headline a few times and the amount of air time they are giving to Twitter is unreal. By doing this, they're basically admitting they can't cover the story in Iran but that's another story for another day. Iran is the best thing that could happen for Twitter. If ever there was a time to buy some stock, it's now. Unfortunately, Twitter is a privately owned company. The owner - JACK DORSEY (30 years old) has turned down a $500 million offer from Facebook. Why make an offer for a company losing money? Kind of twists the brain doesn't it? I guess ole Jack is just waiting for the "big" offer.


twest said...

Reminds me of the first Iraq war when all the news agencies pulled out of Baghdad except for CNN. Thru some creative engineering they somehow remainded on the air and reported live as the bombs and missles rained in. I guess some servers were being set up so people could keep on Twitter and use camera phones, but it's kinda crazy how information is getting around. The main problem is determining the legitimacy. I can't believe he turned down that kind of bucks because from what I understand just as many people drop off as sign up - so there's no real growth, just a novelty thing

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

I'm starting my own "thing". It's called "Woofer". Feel free to send me a check for $10 for the privilege of joining. Thank you in advance.

J Dub said...

I enjoy following Coach Cal on Twitter.