Sunday, March 01, 2009

"Hello Americans - It's Time For News"

Paul Harvey could say more in fewer words than anyone I have ever heard. I often keep him in mind when writing radio scripts; trying to choose words carefully. I made quite a bit of money in the 90's selling his newscasts and features on WVLK. He was a radio voice who made you stop and listen whenever you heard him. I remember when Tom Martin, a radio news anchor for the ABC radio network in New York came back home to KY. WVLK hired him to do afternoons. He was still a fill-in for Paul Harvey when Mr. Harvey was off. I remember watching Tom do Paul Harvey News from the WVLK studios in downtown Lexington. I looked over his shoulder as he wrote the stories he would be using for that broadcast. He faxed the copy to an editor in Chicago who then faxed back any changes. I remember how exciting it was to watch Tom do the newscast that was broadcasting on close to 1000 other radio stations across the country. Many of us stood outside the studio as Tom turned the mic on and said: "Hello Americans, it's time for news. I'm Tom Martin for Paul Harvey. In Washington today...."
I'm having lunch with Tom next week. It will be interesting to hear him tell his Paul Harvey stories. I'll miss Paul Harvey's voice and his ability to capture my attention unlike anyone else I have ever heard. He was a class act who changed the radio industry.


Brodad Unkabuddy said...

He will be missed. A truly class act.

twest said...

He was definitely an icon of the radio waves. His unique voice would always catch your ear and make you listen even if it got a litle corny. I always enjoyed his "the rest of the story..."