Monday, December 29, 2008

Now I'm Interested

I haven't been very engaged in the current NFL season, until now. The Bengals had their typical season but the Dolphins didn't. I followed Miami closely when living in S. Florida so I know how far they have come to make it to the playoffs. I never thought I would see Ricky Williams play again; much less play well. I'm pulling for the Dolphins to advance while rooting for the Vikings along the way too. I predict the Chargers win it all however. Ya gotta love the Lions. What happened to Tampa Bay?


twest said...

Tampa collapsed. Injuries in key positions and some young players that kept getting burned made a huge difference. One month ago they were 9-3 and looking at home field advantage for the playoffs. Now they're sitting at home watching the playoffs. Lost to lowly Oakland yesterday - couldn't believe it. I think its rebuild time. I will definitely pull for the Fins, but the Chargers and Carolina are tough

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Hey! The Vikes beat the world champion New York Giants to win the NFC Northern Division! (Of course, the Giants sat most of their superstars for the second half, and it still took a last minute field goal by Minnesota to win it and even if they had lost they would still have won the division because the lowly Bears lost.) Next week they play the red hot Philadelphia Eagles. Fortunately, it's a home game for the Vikes and I guarantee the Eagle offense will not be able to hear themselves think with all the noise in the Dome. If the Vikes win, then they get to play the Giants again. But this time they'll be playing the varsity.

Anonymous said...

Ya! Go fins! That was such an exciting game yesterday!